Monday, January 31, 2011

Still All Systems Go According to All Chicago Weather Prognisticators

Based on the evening weather forecasts, there's no reason to believe that a whopper storm won't be ascending on Chicago in 24 hours. Virtually all weather outlets predict no less than a foot of snow. WBBM earmarked Chicago with an 18"+ band of snow, the "highest minimum" forecast. The evening forecast summary is as follows:

WMAQ: 12-18
WBBM:  18+
WLS: 12-18 (some 24" amounts)
WFLD: Up to 12 inches
WGN: 14-22
National Weather Service: 12 to 18+ inches

Click here to see how each weathercaster in Chicago is changing -- or not changing -- the forecast as the next two days approach. After the storm is over on Wednesday, TCF will grade the performance of each forecaster (grading criteria can be found here).

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