Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicago Forecasters Agree: At Least a Foot of Snow for Wednesday

If Chicago doesn't see at least a foot of snow, the weather mavens in town will have some major explaining to do. Approximately 30 hours before the arrival of a talked-up storm, virtually all weather outlets are predicting no less than a foot of snow. WMAQ calls for 18-24 inches while WLS's model printout (shown on TV) calls for 23 inches. As of Monday morning, here's how Chicago's meteorologists see the big storm:

WMAQ: 18-24 inches of snow for Wednesday
WBBM:  More than a foot
WLS: 23 inches
WFLD: Potential for well over a foot
WGN: "The upcoming storm has the potential to rank among the top five worst snow storms to hit the Chicago area since weather records have been taken."
National Weather Service: 12 to 18+ inches

The Chicago Forecaster (TCF) will chronicle the progressive forecasts as the major storm approaches. Click here to see how each weathercaster in Chicago is changing -- or not changing -- the forecast as the next two days approach. After the storm is over on Wednesday, TCF will grade the performance of each forecaster (grading criteria can be found here).

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  1. You do realize that just because someone is a weather forecaster it doesn't mean that are a meteorologist, right? So, are you going to make two different categories--one for weather forecasters and one for meteorologists?

    How could you possible think it is okay to judge these forecasters and meteorologists on if they change their predictions? Because this doesn't make sense either. Obviously, weather changes every second and they need to be constantly updating the public with these changes. Seriously.

    I think everyone in the world would rather be prepared for the worst than be blind-sided and stuck in a bad position out there somewhere.

    Maybe you should start a blog judging about how over-the-top the media is about stories like this. The ridiculous headlines, the news reporters at Home Depot interviewing the managers about shovel supplies, or the under-dressed female reporter standing on a cold bridge over the (moving) expressways talking about how bad the traffic is going to be.

    Just stop bashing the weathermen.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We're not out to bash anyone. Just want to provide a little record of snow predictions. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And totally agree with you on the over-the-top media.