Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chicago Forecasters See Major Snowstorm on the Horizon

As of Sunday afternoon and evening, the picture of a very white Chicago in midweek was coming into sharper focus. Some forecasters think the storm could approach the storm of 1967. The prognisticators were rather unanimous in forecasting at least a foot of snow come Wednesday midday. WGN notes that if a reliable weather model verifies, totals could be 20-25 inches. WLS says that "12 to 18 inches feels conservative" and that the snow will be accompanied by winds of up to 55 mph.

Here's where the Chicago forecasters were predicting as of Sunday evening. An update of the forecasters' forecasts will be provided Monday morning.

The records that may be jeopardy.
WMAQ: Generally a foot of snow for Wednesday.
WBBM:  Could be flirting with record snow if storm track stays on course.
WLS: 12-18 inches from Tuesday pm. into Wednesday "feels conservative."Winds up to 55 mph.
WFLD: Up to 12 inches by midday Wednesday.
WGN: "It's still early, but if storm track is correct, Chicago in 20-25" band.
National Weather Service: 1-3 inches Monday night. From weather discussion: "Total snowfall is currently forecasted for the event in excess of one foot to some locations
receiving up to two feet."

The Chicago Forecaster (TCF) will chronicle the progressive forecasts as the major storm approaches. Click here to see how each weathercaster in Chicago is changing -- or not changing -- the forecast as the next two days approach. After the storm is over on Wednesday, TCF will grade the performance of each forecaster (grading criteria can be found here).

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