Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Watched Kettle is Going to Boil

The snowstorm that's been watched for seemingly an eternity is hours away. The storm continues to follow the forecasters' collective road maps with great consistency. As of Tuesday morning, here's the wrap on the seemingly inevitable blizzard:

WMAQ: 1-2 feet
WBBM: 18+
WLS: 1-2 feet
WFLD: 12-18 inches
WGN: 16-24 inches
NWS: 12-20 inches (locally 2 feet)

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  1. Any thoughts of doing a Nate Silver ( http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/ ) style meta-analysis of local weather forecasting to develop a weighted average based on historical accuracy?

  2. Would love to do that! Alas, resources.... Maybe some day...