Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Introducing ... the Final Pre-Storm Forecasts

As the first flakes of the blizzard begin to fall, Chicago weather outlets are essentially universal in their predictions of a massive fall of snow. WFLD is on the relative low end with a forecast of 12-14 on the north side of Chicago and 18+ on the south side. WGN has the highest low-range estimate (got that?) of 16 inches. WLS aired a map showing 34.4 inches of snow for Chicago (see graphic) which they claimed wasn't really a prediction (yet they showed it anyway ... hmm...).

As of Tuesday midday, here's the latest and final predictions of what promises to be a memorable -- and quite possibly historical -- winter storm for Chicago:

WMAQ: 1-2 feet
WBBM: 12-18, some 2-foot amounts
WLS: 1-2 feet common, weather graphic showing 34.4
WFLD: 12-14 north side; 18 inches south side
WGN: 16-24 inches
NWS: 15-24 inches

For a progressive forecast showing each forecaster's predictions over time, click here. Follow us on Twitter and give us a thumbs up on Facebook. Remember to check back with us for forecaster grades, something we hope to issue Wednesday night or shortly after the accumulating snow has ended.

Enjoy Mother Nature's generous serving tonight!


  1. Please post the link of the WLS prediction.

  2. It's a screen capture from weather video that was aired on their website.